JUSTRAC+ Program Measurement Workshop

On June 22-24, the Rule of Law Collaborative (ROLC) held the inaugural JUSTRAC+ Rule of Law Systems: Program Measurement Workshop, focusing on data collection and measurement in rule of law and justice sector reform programs. The workshop gave an audience of USG practitioners the opportunity to practice applying key skills necessary for measuring programs effectively in an interactive measurement system development module. The workshop also built off of the JUSTRAC+ Country Analysis and Program Development Workshops.  

The Program Measurement Workshop consisted of six sessions. The first session provided a concise overview of rule of law and justice sector reform assessment and program design. The second session covered the basics of developing indicators specific to a given reform target. The third and fourth sessions focused on data collection, setting appropriate baselines and targets, and related challenges. The fifth session summarized the previous sessions and helped participants become familiar with the components of a project measurement plan. The final session allowed participants to present a project measurement system of their own design to a senior ROLC subject matter expert. In this session, ROLC experts and course participants offered immediate feedback to the participants to help refine their designs.  

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