Rule of Law Systems: Country Analysis Workshop


This workshop gives participants the skills to understand the justice systems of the partner nations with which they work, and better prepares them to engage in rule of law reform. The sheer complexity of justice systems can impair understanding of the relevant problems and, in turn, lead to ineffective program design and potentially compromised relationships with partners. A thorough understanding of the context in which U.S. Government professionals are assigned to work is the crucial foundation to effective program design, strong implementation, and concrete improvements in justice systems. This workshop helps program officers working with foreign justice systems better understand that context.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Participants will learn how to map, analyze, and understand key features of a country’s justice system—including legal frameworks, institutions, and formal and informal actors—as a way to better identify context-specific interventions and opportunities; and
  • Participants will hone critical thinking skills and explore the breadth and depth of holistic justice systems.

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