Watch JUSTRAC+ Symposia on Rule of Law, Corruption, and Transnational Organized Crime

In late January and early March, the Rule of Law Collaborative held two symposia as part of a JUSTRAC+ virtual Symposium Series on Transnational Organized Crime, Rule of Law, and Corruption, in order to help the USG Justice Reform workforce better address the self-obscuring, mutually-reinforcing threats of corruption and transnational organized crime. Recordings of those two symposia are now available on Youtube.

The first symposium, Disaggregating Transnational Crime: New Research and a Development-Focused Typology, highlighted work UNODC has done to develop a holistic, statistically grounded analysis that measures the “who,” as well as the “what,” of organized crime. The second event, Strengthening Rule of Law Approaches to Address Transnational Organized Crime, highlighted efforts by USAID to strengthen rule of law approaches to transnational organized crime. In this symposium, USAID introduced and discussed a programmatic guidance document that synthesizes their findings on such topics as government complicity in organized crime, the phenomenon of convergence in criminal markets and its relevance for USG programmatic responses, and the role social norms play in compliance with the law, organized crime, and corruption.

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