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These sessions are held in conjunction with INL’s annual orientation for overseas officers, the “101 training program,” and annual orientation for incoming headquarters-based program officers, “the 201 training program,” and aim to provide a broad and rapid overview of notable features, key concepts, and useful tools related to justice reform efforts. The program is a two-day effort featuring synchronous (online together) and asynchronous (self-paced) learning. It will be repeated twice during the week of August 10 to accommodate approximately 25 participants per two-day session.

During this program, participants will learn the underpinnings and goals of “rule of law reform.” They will learn to envision the justice system as a complex environment requiring holistic, well-grounded programming responses. Course modules will review how justice systems are nearly always complex and hybrid, providing participants with a basic contextual understanding of how justice systems evolve and operate. Participants will review toolkits and resources that may be applicable to their assignments, including delving into the importance of assessments, problem analysis, and how to understand “success.”

The goals of this compressed program are to: (1) provide participants with a broad “scan” of the justice reform environment, empowering them to understand justice reform challenges and seek appropriate entry points to push change; (2) introduce participants to the necessary skills, frequent problems, and available resources to assist in reform efforts; and (3) provide participants an opportunity to practice what they have learned.

NOTE: Registration is limited to INL 101 and 201 participants.

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