Rule of Law Systems: Program Measurement Workshop


This workshop will focus on measuring rule of law programs. Program participants will learn and practice applying key skills necessary for measuring effective projects. Course content will focus on how country context and a systems perspective on justice helps develop better program measurement systems. Participants will learn how to build useful indicators that provide valuable information on progress related to program interventions. Participants will become familiar with different programming modalities and understand how to creatively design projects closely linked to the problems they aim to ameliorate. Finally, participants will have opportunities to practice the skills they learn in an interactive measurement system development module.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to construct a basic project measurement indicator specific to their reform “target,” (institutional, capacity, procedural, etc.) considering identified complexities and assumptions.
  • Participants will be able to construct a project design specific to their reform “target,” (institutional, capacity, procedural, etc.) considering identified complexities and assumptions.
  • Participant will have developed a refined project design over the course of the workshop.


The Program Measurement Workshop features the following Asynchronous Learning Modules (ALMs), short videos designed to reinforce the workshop’s learning objectives. Click below to access the ALMs.

Assessments Virtual Panel

Karen Hall (ROLC) moderates a panel with Andrew Solomon (USAID), Greg Gisvold (ROLC), and Miranda Jolicoeur (USAID) on practical tips to conduct rule of law assessments based on the panelists combined decades of experience in the field.


Program Design: Phases to Remember to Plan for Change

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the basics of program design.
  • Introduce problem statements, goals, objectives, theories of change, and logic models.


Program Measurement: Strategies to Remember to Overcome Performance Data Obstacles

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the importance of using performance data.
  • Introduce strategies to overcome common performance data obstacles.

Currently, no iterations of this event are scheduled. Check regularly for the most up-to-date information about JUSTRAC+ Learning Opportunities

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