JUSTRAC Museum Heist: An Anticorruption Learning Simulation

June 26, 2024

June 28, 2024

Executive Conference Center, Arlington, VA



The Museum Heist is an interactive, game-ified learning experience designed to educate participants about corruption, comparative justice systems, and the complexities of foreign assistance in an immersive and high-yield learning environment. Corruption is one of the most high-profile challenges faced by citizens, business, reformers, and government staff in nearly every discipline from health to law enforcement to war fighting. The U.S. government has made combating corruption a national security priority. This simulation is a highly interactive venue for ROLC to aid government staff to gain actionable insights into the “corruption conundrum.” This museum heist scenario aims to harness the power of game playing to enhance learning outcomes regarding corruption for adult learners in the federal government. Please see Agenda for complete Course Objective.

To set the stage for the learning simulation, participants can learn the crime’s backstory on this true-crime style podcast. Additional briefers and a player handbook will be provided prior to the simulation.

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