JUSTRAC+ Program Development Workshop

Over the course of three days last week, the Rule of Law Collaborative (ROLC) held the JUSTRAC+ Rule of Law Systems: Program Development Workshop, focusing on practices and skills for the development of rule of law interventions. The workshop gave participants the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they gained to a mock program design, as well as receive feedback from instructors during interactive sessions. Building on the JUSTRAC+ Rule of Law Systems: Country Analysis Workshop, the Program Development Workshop emphasized understanding country context and justice systems from an interdependent, holistic perspective.

The Program Development Workshop consisted of five sessions. The first session helped participants understand how to creatively design projects closely linked to the problems they aim to solve. The second session focused on problem solving and different tools and decision-making techniques as they relate to program development. The third and fourth sessions focused on practical approaches to developing rule of law reform interventions. The final session offered a synthesis of all the information and skills learned and allowed participants to refine their mock program designs through interactive breakout sessions.

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