Washington, DC
United States Institute of Peace


NOTE: Due to the government shutdown, a decision has been made to postpone this symposium. Once the government reopens, a new date for the symposium will be established and will be posted as soon as possible.


Event Description:

Each year, more than 10 million people are imprisoned around the world. The revolving door of incarceration drains resources from already-overtaxed criminal justice systems and, in particular, corrections institutions. In addition, prisons often foster increased criminality and—in some settings—may serve as incubators for violent extremist groups and other criminal organizations. This symposium will bring together both domestic and international justice sector professionals, along with non-governmental organization representatives, to examine alternatives to incarceration (ATI). The symposium will examine the potential of ATI to curb pretrial detention and recidivism rates, achieving improved rehabilitative and treatment outcomes. The symposium also will consider whether ATI can maintain or reduce government investment in the criminal justice sector by halting increases in investment for purely punitive mechanisms for criminal offenders.

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