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The JUSTRAC Advanced Training Program provided in-depth instruction on rule of law program design and implementation, while focusing on key issues and trends in rule of law. The Advanced Course was designed for experienced rule of law practitioners, as well as past participants in the JUSTRAC Introductory Training Program. This course assumed an understanding of basic rule of law concepts, foreign legal systems, and the roles of various USG agencies engaged in programming in the field.

The Advanced Training Program approached current rule of law topics with comprehensive sessions and interactive exercises. To promote the most effective pedagogy and real-world application, participants were tasked with pre-course readings and assigned to groups for the course’s interactive sessions.  This event focused on two key topics—anti-corruption and security sector reform—and their relationship with the rule of law.


Justice Sector and Anti-Corruption Assessment Tools and Resources

Day 1

Ducot – Anti-Corruption Efforts: Kosovo, Macedonia, and Ukraine

Barden – Corruption and Rule of Law Programming: State Solutions

Chkheidze – Georgia’s Anti-Corruption Achievements and Challenges, State and Non-State Efforts

Solomon – Combatting Corruption and Strengthening Justice Sector Transparency and Accountability: The Role of Civil Society

Day 2

Lewis – Lessons from Security Assistance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Cate – Considering a Comprehensive Framework for Security Sector Reform

Werbel – How to Apply the Comprehensive Approach to Security Sector Reform

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