Publication Summaries

August 2015
REGION: Europe and Eurasia
Ioannis Kapouzos and Itamar Mann
Formal Justice Sector Institutions Vulnerable Populations
In “Banal Crimes Against Humanity: The Case of Asylum Seekers in Greece,” Ioannis Kapouzos and Itamar Mann argue that the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor should prosecute not only radically…
REGION: Western Hemisphere
Eric L. Olson et al.
Conflict and Transition Corruption Formal Justice Sector Institutions Understanding Local Context
The surge of migrants arriving to the U.S.-Mexico border each month has ignited a debate over what factors have displaced millions of adults and unaccompanied minors throughout Central America. "Crime…
June 2015
REGION: East Asia and the Pacific
Sinclair Dinnen and Gordon Peake
Formal Justice Sector Institutions Rule of Law Programming Understanding Local Context
In "Experimentation and Innovation in Police Reform: Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands, and Bougainville," authors Sinclair Dinnen and Gordon Peake analyze community policing, policing innovation and experimentation in three different post-conflict settings:…
June 2015
REGION: Western Hemisphere
Louis-Alexandre Berg and Marlon Carranza
Conflict and Transition Rule of Law Programming Understanding Local Context
At 90.4 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, Honduras has the highest homicide rate in the world.[1]  Much of the crime in Honduras is highly concentrated: five percent of urban municipalities account…
May 2015
REGION: Central Asia, Europe and Eurasia
Alexander Kupatadze
Corruption Understanding Local Context
"Political Corruption in Eurasia: Understanding Collusion between States, Organized Crime and Business" is an in-depth study by Alexander Kupatadze about the political competitiveness of post-Soviet states and the effect that…
May 2015
REGION: Europe and Eurasia, Western Hemisphere
Danielle Murdoch
Formal Justice Sector Institutions Understanding Local Context
In "Corrections Reform in Kosovo: A Qualitative Study of Canadian Corrections Advisers' Experiences in a Post-Conflict Environment," Danielle Murdoch reports the findings of a case study of 14 Canadian corrections…
March 2015
REGION: South Asia
Hamid Khan *USC ROLC Faculty
Understanding Local Context
"Islamic Law, Customary Law and Afghan Informal Justice" is the outcome of a study commissioned in 2011 by the United States Institute of Peace and the Afghanistan-based Peace Training and…
March 2015
REGION: Middle East and North Africa
Fiona Mangan and Erica Gaston
Formal Justice Sector Institutions Understanding Local Context
"Prisons in Yemen" assesses the Yemeni prison system by examining how individual aspects of the prison system work together to affect the prison system as a whole. Since the events…
Spring 2015
REGION: Western Hemisphere
Scott Rempell
Understanding Local Context Vulnerable Populations
In Credible Fears, Unaccompanied Minors, and the Causes of the Southwestern Border Surge, Professor Scott Rempell attributes the surge in unaccompanied children and refugees seeking asylum in the United States from the…
February 2015
REGION: Global
Vivienne O'Connor
General Rule of Law
In "Defining the Rule of Law and Related Concepts," Vivienne O'Connor addresses the difficult task of defining the rule of law. Starting with the UN's definition of the rule of…

Highlighted Publications

Europe and Eurasia
Image Source: Atroszko

Considering the Role of Security Sector Reform and Police Reform when Tackling Organized Crime in Post-Conflict Environments

Western Hemisphere

Transitioning to the Accusatorial Model: Addressing Challenges for Legal Education and Training in Latin America: Symposium Final Report

Sub-Saharan Africa

A New Taxonomy for Corruption in Nigeria

East Asia and the Pacific
Image Source: Pacific Air Forces

The Promise and Peril of Paralegal Aid