Publication Summaries

April 2017
REGION: Global
Laura Goodwin and Vivek Maru
Formal Justice Sector Institutions General Rule of Law Rule of Law Programming Vulnerable Populations
In “What Do We Know about Legal Empowerment? Mapping the Evidence,” Laura Goodwin and Vivek Maru provide an overview of existing knowledge regarding the effects of civil society-led legal empowerment…
March 2017
REGION: East Asia and the Pacific
Transparency International
Corruption Understanding Local Context
Transparency International’s report, People and Corruption: Asia Pacific, outlines detailed results of extensive survey research on perceptions and experiences of corruption across the Asia Pacific region. The report is part…
REGION: East Asia and the Pacific
Glenn Maail
Corruption Understanding Local Context
In “Open Data and the Fight Against Corruption in Indonesia,” Transparency International and the World Wide Web Foundation assess Indonesia’s performance in meeting commitments stated in the G20 Anti-Corruption Open…
REGION: Sub-Saharan Africa
Caroline Lamwaka, edited by Ronald Atkinson *USC ROLC Faculty
Conflict and Transition Understanding Local Context Vulnerable Populations
The Raging Storm: A Reporter’s Inside Account of the Northern Uganda War 1986-2005, by Ugandan journalist Caroline Lamwaka, details the war between the Ugandan government forces, the National Resistance Army…
December 2016
REGION: South Asia
Grant McLeod
Conflict and Transition Corruption Formal Justice Sector Institutions
In “Responding to Corruption and the Kabul Bank Collapse,” Grant McLeod draws lessons from Afghanistan’s struggle to bring justice to the political elite responsible for the money laundering and embezzlement…
December 29, 2016
REGION: Europe and Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Hemisphere
Marie A. Principe
Conflict and Transition Understanding Local Context Vulnerable Populations
This USIP Special Report: Women in Nonviolent Movements by Marie A. Principe seeks to explore how women’s participation in nonviolent movements influences those movements’ strategies and outcomes. Throughout history and…
December 2016
REGION: Global
Amrita Kapur and Keli Muddell
Conflict and Transition Vulnerable Populations
In “When No One Calls It Rape: Addressing Sexual Violence against Men and Boys in Transitional Contexts,” Amrita Kapur and Kelli Muddell first discuss the context of sexual violence against…
December 2016
REGION: South Asia
Rafia Bhulai and Naureen Chowdhury Fink
Conflict and Transition Formal Justice Sector Institutions Understanding Local Context
The Global Center on Cooperative Security’s publication, “Strengthening Regional Cooperation to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism in South Asia: What Role for Civil Society?” by Rafia Bhulai and Naureen Chowdhury…
Winter 2016
REGION: Global
Diane Marie Amann
Conflict and Transition General Rule of Law Vulnerable Populations
"Securing Child Rights in Time of Conflict," by Diane Marie Amann, examines ways in which conflict affects children. Amann addresses four key issues: (1) the definition of “armed conflict,” (2)…
October 14, 2016
REGION: Central Asia
Kimberly Johns and Sarosh Sattar
Corruption Understanding Local Context
In the article, Do the Poor Pay Twice? Impact of Corruption in the Kyrgyz Republic, a team from the World Bank Group presents the results of a Poverty and Social…

Highlighted Publications

Europe and Eurasia
Image Source: Atroszko

Considering the Role of Security Sector Reform and Police Reform when Tackling Organized Crime in Post-Conflict Environments

Western Hemisphere

Transitioning to the Accusatorial Model: Addressing Challenges for Legal Education and Training in Latin America: Symposium Final Report

Sub-Saharan Africa

A New Taxonomy for Corruption in Nigeria

East Asia and the Pacific
Image Source: Pacific Air Forces

The Promise and Peril of Paralegal Aid