Publication Summaries

April 2016
REGION: Global
Amnesty International
Formal Justice Sector Institutions
Amnesty International’s 2015 “International Death Sentences and Executions Report” reveals two contrasting global developments. In 2015, four countries abolished the death penalty, the highest annual number in almost a decade,…
Winter 2016
REGION: Sub-Saharan Africa
Tamar Ezer
Understanding Local Context Vulnerable Populations
Tamar Ezer’s “Forging a Path for Women’s Rights in Customary Law” outlines the importance of customary law in advancing women’s rights. Ezer’s piece draws on examples of customary law issues…
December 31, 2015
REGION: Western Hemisphere
Rule of Law Collaborative
Formal Justice Sector Institutions General Rule of Law
View Full Report Increasing violence in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador—known collectively as the “Northern Triangle” of Central America—poses a serious challenge to the rule of law and threatens the…
REGION: Global
Leanne McKay
General Rule of Law Rule of Law Programming Understanding Local Context
2015 “Toward a Rule of Law Culture: Exploring Effective Responses to Justice and Security Challenges” (“the guide”), a practical guide by Leanne McKay, was developed in response to the rise…
November 2015
REGION: Sub-Saharan Africa
Laura Bacon
Formal Justice Sector Institutions Rule of Law Programming Understanding Local Context Vulnerable Populations
Laura Bacon’s “Liberia’s Gender-Sensitive Police Reform: Improving Representation and Responsiveness in a Post-Conflict Setting” provides a detailed analysis of Liberia’s judicial and police reform since 2003. Her article focuses on…
October 2015
REGION: Middle East and North Africa
World Bank
Conflict and Transition Corruption Understanding Local Context
The World Bank’s MENA Economic Monitor report, “Inequality, Uprisings, and Conflict in the Arab World," considers economic, social, and political factors in relation to increases in violent extremism in the…
October 2015
REGION: Sub-Saharan Africa
Aparna Polavarapu *USC ROLC Faculty
Corruption Formal Justice Sector Institutions Understanding Local Context Vulnerable Populations
Beyond Access: The Administration of Justice for Women in Uganda explores a core—and often unexplored—question of access to justice through the lens of a single country. The specific research question presented…
October 2015
REGION: South Asia
Payal Shah *USC ROLC Faculty
Understanding Local Context Vulnerable Populations
Women's Education, Empowerment, and Human Rights Education: The Mahila Samakhya Program in Gujarat, India investigates how the Mahila Samakhya (MS) program provides girls and women education in the western state of…
October 2015
REGION: East Asia and the Pacific
NAMATI and Landesa
Rule of Law Programming Understanding Local Context Vulnerable Populations
NAMATI and Landesa’s October 2015 report, "Recommendations for Implementation of Pro-Poor Land Policy and Land Law in Myanmar: National Data and Regional Practices,"outlines key issues and sets forth recommendations for…
September 2015
REGION: Europe and Eurasia
Freek van der Vet and Laura Lyytikäinen
Understanding Local Context
Lyytikäinen and van der Vet’s “Violence and Human Rights in Russia: How Human Rights Defenders Develop their Tactics in the Face of Danger, 2005-2013,” examines how Russian human rights defenders…

Highlighted Publications

Sub-Saharan Africa
Image Source: Breanne Grace.

Complex Vulnerability and Access to Justice for Former Refugee Populations: The Case of the Somali Zigula in Tanzania

East Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, South Asia
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Promoting Sustainable Institutional Law Enforcement Development

Western Hemisphere
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Perspectives on Mexico's Criminal Justice System: ¿What Do Its Operators Think?

Western Hemisphere
Image Source: Ministerio Bienes Nacionales

The Public Defender as International Transplant