Publication Summaries

January 2015
REGION: South Asia
Hedieh Mirahmadi et al.
Conflict and Transition Understanding Local Context
In “Empowering Pakistan’s Civil Society to Counter Violent Extremism,” Mirahmadi et al. consider ways in which the United States and the international community can create a more systematic approach to…
January 2015
REGION: Global
Vivienne O'Connor
Conflict and Transition Rule of Law Programming
In "A Guide to Change and Change Management for Rule of Law Practitioners," Vivenne O'Connor applies change management research from non-rule of law fields to rule of law. In the…
June 2014
REGION: Europe and Eurasia
Tatiana Kyselova
Corruption Formal Justice Sector Institutions Understanding Local Context
In "Dualism of Ukrainian Commercial Courts: Exploratory Study," Tatiana Kyselova reports her findings from a five-year case study designed to explore the characteristics of what she calls the "dual commercial…
April 1, 2014
REGION: South Asia
Kleinfeld, Rachel and Harry Bader
Conflict and Transition Understanding Local Context
In “Extreme Violence and the Rule of Law: Lessons from Eastern Afghanistan,” Rachel Kleinfeld and Harry Bader review the successes of an international assistance program in Eastern Afghanistan in order…
September 4, 2013
REGION: Central Asia, Europe and Eurasia
Brad Epperly and Taedong Lee
Conflict and Transition Corruption Understanding Local Context
In "Corruption and NGO Sustainability: A Panel Study of the Post-Communist States," Rule of Law Collaborative faculty associate Brad Epperly and Taedong Lee explore the effects of corruption on the environment…

Highlighted Publications

Europe and Eurasia
Image Source: Doyle Stevick

How Can Schools Promote Rule of Law Norms in Transitioning Societies? Lessons from Post-Communist Europe

Sub-Saharan Africa
Image Source: United States Institute of Peace

Violent Extremism and Community Policing in Tanzania

Europe and Eurasia
Image Source: Atroszko

Considering the Role of Security Sector Reform and Police Reform when Tackling Organized Crime in Post-Conflict Environments

Western Hemisphere

Transitioning to the Accusatorial Model: Addressing Challenges for Legal Education and Training in Latin America: Symposium Final Report