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How to Deal with Pakistan? Four Veteran Officials Debate the New U.S. Policy and Its Impact on South Asia

October 18, 2017
Join USIP for a panel discussion from various perspectives about U.S.-Pakistani relations. The discussion will focus on consequence of the new U.S. approach and options for convergence of interest between the two countries. Speakers include former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and Vice President of USIP Asia Center,
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To Curb Corruption and Violence, Engage the Grass Roots

October 23, 2017
Growing from the recent years in which citizens' movements have called for honest and accountable governance, this forum will focus on lessons from varying non violent campaigns on three continents. This discussion will help a wide span of rule of law professionals, policy makers, and others to find ways to work with home-grown civic initiatives in curbing corruption.

A Sahel Community Confronts Security Threats: Film Premiere

October 25, 2017
USIP and AFI DOCS Film Festival present 'Saaba,' a documentary series followed by a panel discussion. The series focuses on USIP efforts to build  trust and reduce tensions among police, local authorities, citizens, and informal groups outside Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Following the viewing, the filmmakers and others involved in the initiative will discuss the issues and approach.

Law, Justice and Development Week 2017

November 6-10, 2017
The World Bank's Law, Justice and Development Week 2017 will bring together development officials to focus on the overarching theme of "Gender, Law and Development." This week will address how the rule of law and justice can serve as an enabler for full and equal participation of men and women to development objectives.

Featured Solicitations

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Strengthening National, State, and Local Level Anti- Corruption Efforts in Nigeria

October 31, 2017
The purpose of this grant is to support the Government of Nigeria in instituting a culture of accountability at local, state, and federal levels of government through the use of corruption prevention and enforcement activities. The project will focus on development of anti corruption efforts related to security and justice sectors. Up to 2 million dollars.

Building Capacity in Police Forces, Local Governments and Communities in Gender Based Violence

October 31, 2017
This program is sponsored by International Narcotics Law-Enforcement for the Building Capacity in Police Forces, Local Governments and Communities in Gender Based Violence in Costa Rica. The program will award an institution between $50,000 and $150,000.
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DRL Global Religious Freedom Programs (FY17/18)

November 6, 2017
The DRL has opened a competition for organizations to participate in projects that support the global promotion and protection of religious freedom. Organizations may submit one application. DRL is offering  awards for in the following areas:
  • NEA region- 1) $500,000 2) $700,000
  • EAP region- Malaysia region $500,000
  • AF region- Nigeria $700,000
The application deadline is November 6th, 2017.